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Fears That Zika May Have Struck The Olympic Athletes

Viewers have been very concerned about the number of Olympic participants who seem to be suffering from some form of a red rash that has appeared as circles all over their bodies. They seem to change colour and move around … Continue reading

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Rio 2016: My Laboratory Is Better Than Your Laboratory

There was a time when here at TheField we believed in the Olympics. Sadly, something has changed. It’s just not the same now with every winner being eyed by us with suspicion. Not all of it is justified but it’s … Continue reading

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So Now The World Has Had It’s Fun In Sochi – That Olympic Torch Burns

Remember all that claptrap about why athletes should not boycott the Winter Games in Sochi? Remember the smoke screen that it was about gays being oppressed and abused? Remember that by still going it would ‘send a message’? Remember the world … Continue reading

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Sports Firms Quick To Build On The Hysteria For Curling With Fans Swept Up By The BBC

With the country ‘Mad for It’ and demanding that Curling Arenas are opened up in every town, the sports kit manufacturers have jumped on the cart and produced a new line. With the BBC using their dead channel called BBC3 … Continue reading

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Olympic Legacy – Damned If WE Could Find It

Well it’s a year on and we are damned if we could find any evidence of a hint of the Olympic Legacy we have heard so much about. As usual when a politician speaks: – It’s all utter bollox! Still – … Continue reading

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IOC Cuts Wrestling From 2020 Olympics

A really quite staggering move made by a committee who have lost all sense of what the Real Olympics were all about. They are just a money-grabbing bunch of egocentric old men with a few token women. LINK Historical Note … Continue reading

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Nobby Hangs Out Again

Nobby is back after his ballroom problem.

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