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Liz ‘Brains’ Truss Asks – “Are Judges Anything Do With Me? Who Knew?”

Poor old Lizzy gets very confused. She didn’t really understand about cheese and knew even less about pork farmers. The floods and flood barriers were a totally mystery to her so she got moved to the post of Justice Secretary. … Continue reading

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Seems The Basis of The Hunt Argument Is Based On Flawed Data

Who would have thunk it? The mantra of The Hunt has been based on his claim about the mortality rates at weekends. After some researchers from Oxford University have taken a look at the data it seems it is all … Continue reading

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Dodgy Dave Shows Just How Completely Out Of Touch He Really Is

Seems poor old Dodgy had a letter or two from his constituents in Witney, Oxford. It seems, quite understandably, they were not best pleased with the cuts that were planned for their local services. These cuts are on the record … Continue reading

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Pig-Gate Portfolio: We Have Been Busy!

It’s not often a Golden Egg gets dropped in our lap! We’ve enjoyed this one with lots of bacon in a traditional Full English Breakfast style.

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Labour Looking For A Fresh Approach – ‘To Reach-Out To The Voters’

What a diverse collection of individuals the candidates for the Labour Party Leadership are. Really? Are they? Let’s have a little look shall we? First up is Andy Burnham who was educated at his local schools and graduated with a … Continue reading

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Political Hogwash Translated Into English Part 3

For those out there who love to play “Political Bungo” may like to add these phrases to their game cards. Just as the Oxford English Dictionary has added new words and terms to its latest edition, Bedroom Tax is one … Continue reading

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Rural Broadband IS A Rip-Off, From Dorset

The roll-out of high speed broadband across rural UK is a right bloody farce and we should know. Don’t believe a cock-sure Ed Vaizey (private school and Oxford) who thinks being rural is sitting in a walled garden in the middle … Continue reading

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