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Time To Prepare For Euro 2016

It all starts on Friday and here are the games to look out for over the weekend.

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The Son Has To Apologise For A Nonsense Story About ‘6 Days From Turkey To Paris’

What a surprise, The Son (sic) printed a right load of cak and then blamed they were ‘misled’ by a freelance journalist. He’d claimed he’d travelled 2,000 miles from Turkey into the heart of Western Europe and evaded all security … Continue reading

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England v France: 17th November 2015

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Paris: Friday 13/11/2015

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Cameron Stands For Freedom Of Speech Just As Long As He Can Have Access To All Your Data

It would help if Can’t Answer, Won’t Answer Cameron knew what it was he was talking about when it comes to IT. We’ve said it before and it is still true – the bloke doesn’t know his RAM from ROM. … Continue reading

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Scary Thought For All Of Us Who Take The Piss Out Of Authority

The last few days have made us all think. Not change what we do but they have made us think. The idea that ridiculing those in authority could result in such horrific actions is just unbelievable. It’s not just in Paris though. … Continue reading

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Je Suis Charlie


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