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Lucy Powell MP Poses An Interesting Question Concerning ‘Pairing’

Lucy Powell MP was incorrectly accused of being lazy by the sun. She had not been attending The House but what the sun didn’t know was that she was pregnant and on maternity leave. She did continue to work at … Continue reading

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MPs Really Do Think They Are Above All Of Us Plebs

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority wants MPs to realise that they are most definitely not ‘special’ and that they are there to Represent the People. MPs are not very keen on this so are fighting changes all the way because they … Continue reading

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MPs Fight To Keep £15-A-Head Dinner Expense Payments

Did you know that MPs can claim £15 for a meal in one of Parliament’s restaurants, which are already subsidised in the centre of London, if the Commons sits beyond 7.30pm? Is it any wonder the scum bags talk bolloxs all day? The … Continue reading

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David ‘Off-Shore’ Cameron Shows Them All Who’s Boss

Off-Shore has been defeated in Parliament over his negotiating position on the EU budget. He lost by 307 votes to 294 votes. His new chief whip certainly proved his worth! Off-Shore really showed he that he has total control of … Continue reading

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