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Was Today A Turning Point For The Labour Party?

Some bloke from Labour, Liam Byrne MP we think his name is, came on the radio talking and sounding more like the vile pair Iain and Duncan Smith representing the Nasty Party than those two ever have! We also heard … Continue reading

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The Nasty Party Continue To Feed Us CRAP

The Nasty Party, lead by Off-Shore Cameron while Theresa ‘Maggie’ May waits in the wings, is making a big ‘up-and-downer’ about a few pensioners who draw a total of £410,000,000 a year. What a vile bunch the Nasty Party are. … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage: Lest We Forget

His father was a Stockbroker in the City – BANKER! Farage was educated at Dulwich College –Public School Twat Dulwich College is an Independent School for boys – Part of the Establishment He was active in the Conservative Party from his … Continue reading

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Nasty Party Leader Starts Preaching ‘Caring’ To Nurses

Has Off-Shore Cameron ever listened to what he has to say? When he has the bloody cheek to start lecturing Nurses about how they need to be ‘Caring’ he really does need a swift kick in the bollox. LINK to a toss-pot … Continue reading

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We Really Are Left To Wonder

Now it may well be the truth, in fact it probably is, but is it really a winning strategy to tell all the voters something like – “Do you know what? If you vote for us absolutely nothing will change.” … Continue reading

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