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England Cricket Board Sees Paul Downton Leave

Well we will not be shedding any tears. He has left his post at the ECB and many would say, “not before time”. This is the bloke who, as his very first act of taking up the post, was instrumental … Continue reading

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We May Have Been Knocked Out Of The Cricket World Cup But Don’t Forget ……….

We gave Scotland a bloody good hiding! That is the towering achievement of this bunch who have ’concentrated’ on One-Day-Internationals for the last 12 months. Just pitiful. LINK Paul Downton, ECB managing director, says that Peter Moores still has his … Continue reading

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What An Utter Shambles The ECB Prove Themselves To Be – Yet Again

Here at TheField we do genuinely feel sorry for Alastair Cook. For one, he shouldn’t have needed to be sacked because he should have had enough sense and humility to step down of his own accord. He should have done … Continue reading

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