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SIX Police Stations In Dorset To Have Their Front Desks Closed In Two Weeks

Taking effect from the 1st March Dorset sees SIX front desks closing in order to save money. This is being spun as a ‘victory’ by the PCC as the original ‘plan’ was to close 12 out of the 15 station … Continue reading

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The Police And Crime Commissioner (PCC) Election Farce…..Again!

These have been a constant source of amusement to us. A small sample of our links is listed at the bottom of this article. It has been the biggest, unmitigated, waste of public money this heaven awful coalition has inflicted … Continue reading

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Cameron Realises We Were Right About PCCs From The Very Start

A Police and Crime Commissioner was this ‘wonderful’ idea brought in by headless Tories who believed they had finally come up with an original idea. It was a total farce when they thought of it and was even worse when less … Continue reading

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PCC End Of Year Report – You Remember Them?

Hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since we had those exciting elections for our own local PCC. A year and what a difference they have made! Sorry, that should read, a year and what difference have they … Continue reading

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Who Can Remember The Police & Crime Commissioners Elections?

We’d forgotten all about them as well. These are the people who were voted for by less than 15% of the electorate (ours was just under 17%) and then get paid £70,000 a year or more. What you might not know … Continue reading

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Low PCC Turnout Sparks Voting Paper Rethink

Far simpler! So if the Turn-Out is just 15% then that’s what you get of that £70,000 – just £10,500. Plenty.

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Police and Crime Commissioner Elections: Thursday

Do any of us really care? Seems the enthusiasm for this is pretty low as one particularly doom-laden forecast, based on an Ipsos MORI poll taken more than three weeks ago, suggests that only 15% of the 40 million adults … Continue reading

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