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How Many Under 40’s Know That Nearly £20k Is About To Be Stolen From Their Pension?

Giddy Osborne has slipped some changes to the pension under the door while nobody was looking. It all begins April 6th; in the third week of their Easter Holiday. It’s all part of his Single-Tier, simplified, state pension. By ‘simplified’ … Continue reading

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Prince Charles Urges………………… Oh Who Cares You Parasite

Chaz Windsor gives advice on pensions. Never done a day’s work in his life, had his arse wiped for him, sponged off the state the whole of his life and he is passing on financial advice? Here’s some advice………….. Get … Continue reading

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Tory MPs 55 And Over Take On The ‘Great Ladder Challenge’

Conservative members of parliament who are 55 or older have all agreed to take on the ‘Great Ladder Challenge’. All they are required to do is to climb to a third-storey window and then pull out a kit bag weighing 40kg. … Continue reading

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MPs Set-Up Their Own ‘Hardship Fund’ That WE Pay For

On first read this looks like a FordingtonField spoof but this is TRUE! WE couldn’t make-up stuff like this! Here is the LINK you need to read. They have put away around £6 million for those MPs who fall on hard-times having already … Continue reading

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MPs’ Should Lose Gold-Plated Pensions: About Time

Here are four thoughts to get your head around. The Independent  Parliamentary Standards Authority will launch a consultation on whether MPs’  should have to wait until after 65 to claim their pension MPs’ could also be  forced to pay more … Continue reading

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Pension Watch And An Alert

Anyone who thinks they might be drawing a pension at any time in their life might want to take note here. Link  A slimy bunch of toads are looking to mess around with how CPI and RPI are calculated. They … Continue reading

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