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Phil Green Manages To Look An Even Bigger Dick Than We Already Thought He Was!

Phil Green, the dodgiest of dodgy gits who can even make Dodgy-Dave look half ethical, has demanded an “immediate apology”. We just couldn’t make utter cak like this up! HE wants an apology!! Is his head currently rammed right up … Continue reading

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Irrefutable Evidence Shows Those Over 40 Should Only Work A Three-Day Week

Researchers have discovered that those over 40 improve their performance as the working week increases up to 25 hours a week. Beyond this point the overall performance for the test subjects decreased as “fatigue and stress” took effect. The study … Continue reading

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How Many Under 40’s Know That Nearly £20k Is About To Be Stolen From Their Pension?

Giddy Osborne has slipped some changes to the pension under the door while nobody was looking. It all begins April 6th; in the third week of their Easter Holiday. It’s all part of his Single-Tier, simplified, state pension. By ‘simplified’ … Continue reading

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Inflation Rate Falls – It Is Déjà Vu All Over Again!

We are being told that the rate of inflation, as calculated by the Consume Prices Index, has fallen from 1.5% to just 1.2 % – the lowest RISE since 2009.It’s NOT gone DOWN, it’s just not gone UP as much … Continue reading

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Prince Charles Urges………………… Oh Who Cares You Parasite

Chaz Windsor gives advice on pensions. Never done a day’s work in his life, had his arse wiped for him, sponged off the state the whole of his life and he is passing on financial advice? Here’s some advice………….. Get … Continue reading

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Keith Vaz To ‘Sort Out’ MPs And Their Pensions

Police officers Politicians found guilty of serious misconduct should have thousands of pounds docked from their gold-plated pensions, a powerful group of MPs said today. Under existing rules pensions can only be docked if an officer MP is found guilty … Continue reading

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The Nasty Party Continue To Feed Us CRAP

The Nasty Party, lead by Off-Shore Cameron while Theresa ‘Maggie’ May waits in the wings, is making a big ‘up-and-downer’ about a few pensioners who draw a total of £410,000,000 a year. What a vile bunch the Nasty Party are. … Continue reading

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