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Vicky Price Trial: Still We Wait

Jurors are continuing their deliberations in the retrial of Pryce, who is accused of perverting the course of justice. Pryce denies the charge, claiming a defence of marital coercion, and that the disgraced Huhne forced her to take the points. The first jury … Continue reading

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Vicky Pryce: It All Starts Again On Monday

Seems they couldn’t decide so it’s ‘Do Not Pass GO’ but also ‘Do Not Go To Gaol’. All turn up on Monday and bring a cushion. Update: Interesting comments from the judge Mr Justice Sweeney who was pretty staggered by … Continue reading

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Vicky Pryce: Was He Or Wasn’t He?

We wait for the verdict but it all seems to boil down to where was Chris Huhne at the time Vicky Pryce signed a form accepting the points for speeding. In non-legal terms the Law will consider her to have been … Continue reading

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Huhne Pressured Pryce Into Having An Abortion

This is because another baby would have been ‘bad for his career’, apparently. Now this all leaves us with two very clear thoughts. The first is that Huhne is a really nasty bloke who we would not want to have … Continue reading

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Chris Huhne: An Example Of How He Struggles With The Truth?

Check him getting stuffed by Paxo! Do remember as you listen to this that his first wife, Vicky Pryce, was born in Athens. What an arrogant, conceited little shite.

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“All Change At Eastleigh – Change Here For All ‘Points’ West”

Having had what looks a lot like a year off, on full pay, Chris Huhne has finally pleaded GUILTY to ‘perverting the course of justice’. He is stepping down from Parliament after changing his plea where he faced trial over claims his ex-wife … Continue reading

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Looks Like High Huhne Will Finally Happen Come Monday

There has been a bit of interference going on with this one but it finally seems to be happening. Link

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Osborne Sticks The Knife Into Huhne

George Gideon Osborne is interviewed on TV at the Conservative party conference …” going to work and seeing the blinds drawn in Mr Lazy’s house opposite.” … That is simply no way to talk about Chris Huhne who, due to a … Continue reading

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Huhne MP Speeding Trial Adjourned

However much is this lot going to cost us? His speeding trial has been adjourned until 14 January 2013 for ‘legal reasons’. It’s a court of Law – of course it’s for legal reasons! So that’s ANOTHER three months we will … Continue reading

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