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Phoney Petrol Price War – But It Is NOT A Cartel

A CARTEL: A cartel is an “agreement” among competing firms. It is an organisation of producers and manufacturers that agree to fix prices. Cartels usually occur where there are only a few players, where the number of sellers is small … Continue reading

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Another Libor Scandle? Shell & BP In ‘Price Fixing’ Inquiry

This could well make that ‘Inquiry’ the other month look pretty damn stupid. Looks like some people who have put a bit of an effort in feel there is some explaining to be done. LINK The real bummer, at this moment in … Continue reading

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What’s With This ‘Price At The Petrol Pumps’ Smoke-Screen?

The Office of Fair Trade seem to be blowing smoke over this issue. What seems to be ignored is the old mantra: ITTS It’s The (bloody) TAX Stupid! It’s Gideon Osborne and his constant application of TAX on fuel. Nice … Continue reading

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