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Dodgy Aide Avoids Gaol Over Downloading Indecent Images Of Young Girls

The former aide to Dodgy-Dave, Patrick Rock, was given a 2-year conditional discharge for making indecent images of children. He walked out of the Crown Court having been convicted of downloading pictures of girls as young as 10 in sexual … Continue reading

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Publicity Seeking Royal Couple Concerned That They Keep Having Their Pictures Taken

Billy Windsor is jolly well angry with nasty people who keep trying to take pictures of him and his family. He doesn’t have a lot to do these days so he seems to have stepped into the shoes of his … Continue reading

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Just Because Your Phone Has A Camera Doesn’t Mean You Must Take A Snap

With the news channels inviting people to send their ‘pictures of the storm’ in you can see why people do it but really? Is this what we have descended to? LINK to the photo gallery

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The Royals Get Upset Having Their Picture Taken

They want to live as ‘normal people’. Well they could always abdicate. No, we thought they wouldn’t. Life is far too easy for them for that to happen.

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Royals To Make ‘Criminal Complaint’ Over Topless Shots

We don’t think they were that bad. She looked quite nice in some of them. Yes, yes, alright, we have packed out bags. You’ve got your wish, we are all heading off to ‘live in France’. (yawn, yawn. ff) For those … Continue reading

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