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The Commons Work & Pensions Committee: Why They Are Not Worth 11%

We saw a ‘hardworking’ committee at work today, the Commons Work and Pensions Committee and what a pitiful display. A pointless bunch of MPs, clearly there for any favours they can grab, had the opportunity to hang both Iain and … Continue reading

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Who Can Name Their Police and Crime Commissioner?

The Police and Crime Commissioner Elections were a year ago. Has anybody spotted anything they have done for their vast salary? Answers please, on the back of a postage stamp, to the usual email address. We can’t remember who won but … Continue reading

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The House Of Lords: Why Is It Open Late At Night?

If this was a library, with so few people using it, any council in the land would close it. Why is the Lords open for these few silly old gits and how much does it cost us?

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Maybe, Just Maybe, Clegg Has Revealed More Than He Intended

With the comments from Clogger about indirect and non-specific concerns the way he dealt with it at the time might just tell all of us a great deal about the man. To deal with the ‘concerns’ he sent along his … Continue reading

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Three Things Getting On Our Nerves

And another thing…… That advert for Broadband that is still based on Halloween. Oh give it a rest! And another thing…… Fracking! It’s just Comedy Gold. Thank-you to whoever gave us that. And another thing…… Don’t sit on the grass … Continue reading

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Clegg Single: Don’t Believe The Hype

He couldn’t even get into the Top 100. Auotuned Cheryl (90) managed that! Leaves us to ask just one important question:

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