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Ooops! Dorset Police Commisioner Loses His Way

Well he did leave the car window open and, surprise, surprise, some little toad nicked his Sat-Nav from out of his car. Hope he is not one of our Crime Prevention Elite Squad. Let’s hope he could find his way home. LINK And … Continue reading

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Some Police and Crime Commissioners Looking Dodgy Already

Now there’s a surprise! Some of these jokers have already started to take the piss. They have appointed their friends and political allies to top salary posts. How does, “Four day week and £45K” sound to you? Oh yes, “You can stay in your … Continue reading

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This Is The Plain Speaking We Need From A New P+C Commissioner

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Michael Mates Former Tory MP For Hampshire

Now he wants to be a Police Commissioner but Tories want to sack him. Worth a look. What is odd is that it is that figure of £40,000 yet again! The same one that is STILL hanging around the neck of … Continue reading

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