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SIX Police Stations In Dorset To Have Their Front Desks Closed In Two Weeks

Taking effect from the 1st March Dorset sees SIX front desks closing in order to save money. This is being spun as a ‘victory’ by the PCC as the original ‘plan’ was to close 12 out of the 15 station … Continue reading

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Theresa ‘Maggie’ May Accused Of Cynical Timing

May is to address the Police Federation today remembering that the last time she spoke to them she was not received well. She was booed, jeered and heckled last year and is hoping to avoid that this time around. She … Continue reading

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Voting For PCs and PMs

How come the PCs need to cross a threshold when they vote while an MP can be elected on less than 17% such as at Eastleigh? The Police Federation has failed to secure a clear mandate to campaign for the … Continue reading

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