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Ben Stokes Questioned By The Police

He and Alex Hales will not be considered for any international cricket by England until further notice. Stokes, 26, was arrested on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm and was then released without charge but remains under investigation. Video footage … Continue reading

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Is Anybody Really Stupid Enough To Believe The ‘Public Sector Pay Cap Has Been Lifted’?

You’d need to be pretty damn stupid to do so! Then again, May-Day and her cronies all rely upon that – along with the media spinning their message. The claim is that the Tories ‘have seen the light’ and that … Continue reading

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Somebody Knows Who This Jogger Is

IF he didn’t push this woman into the path of the oncoming bus then he has a lot to do to persuade us. If he is as ‘brave’ now as he was pushing her in front of the bus then … Continue reading

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A Sad Day With The Passing Of The Wonderful Darcus Howe

The writer and broadcaster who campaigned for the rights of so many people has died at the age of 74. He died peacefully in his sleep at his home in Stratham. Darcus Howe wrote, “Long live the NHS” after being … Continue reading

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Tory Chaos – Mostly Ignored By The BBC

Let’s just check where we are because if we are not careful it will all get away from us! So at present 12 police forces have handed files over to the Crown Prosecution Service with regard to charges over the … Continue reading

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Will The Whole Truth About Orgreave Ever Be Allowed To Be Told?

For those not old enough to remember this is made to seem like so very long ago. That is deliberate like so many things concerned with the breaking up of the miners’ strike in 1984-85 and to The Battle of … Continue reading

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Sheffield City Council Launch A Clandestine Pre-Dawn Raid On Rustlings Road

A squad of Council Workers, Contractors and Police in riot gear {maybe} swooped on the residents of Rustlings Road to bang on their doors at 05:00 GMT demanding that they move their cars. Those unable to respond to this assault … Continue reading

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