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Bradford School Bans Lunchboxes Containing Pork Pies, Sausage Rolls & Pepperoni Sticks

Parents of pupils at the Shirley Manor Primary Academy in Bradford will be called if banned foods are found in their children’s packed lunches. It has banned these along with other “unhealthy” foods. Their school policy states that pupils are … Continue reading

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Liz Truss – An Appreciation Of Some Of Her Great Moments Here At TheField

Lizzy Truss never ceases to amaze us all down here – bless. Her ability to drift through with barely any acknowledgement to what she leaves behind her is to be admired. We have put together a little portfolio of just … Continue reading

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Liz ‘Brains’ Truss Asks – “Are Judges Anything Do With Me? Who Knew?”

Poor old Lizzy gets very confused. She didn’t really understand about cheese and knew even less about pork farmers. The floods and flood barriers were a totally mystery to her so she got moved to the post of Justice Secretary. … Continue reading

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So Why Don’t 18 to 24-Year-Olds Eat Bacon Anymore?

A survey of 2,000 Britons found more than 25 per cent of people aged between 18 and 24 no longer include bacon in their full English breakfast. It is believed that this is because they are becoming increasingly health-conscious. This … Continue reading

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Is Liz Truss Losing It?

We are getting worried for dear old Lizzy. Last conference she had a Dizzy moment when she got all excited about cheese. To make worse she went into raptures about heading off to China to check on their pork markets … Continue reading

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The Lovely Liz Truss Goes After A Piece Of Pork

It has taken a while for us to track down but at last we’ve uncovered the amazing Liz Truss at the recent Tory Conference. We are pleased to include it here with Lizzy making a real impression on her audience-

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Tesco Telling Porkies Yet Again: Chops Were NOT As Labelled

So the pork chops labelled as British probably came from Holland. This was despite the fact that the pork chops were in a pack that bore the Red Tractor logo which is a logo that is designed to tell you that a product can be traced back to a … Continue reading

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