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BBC Presenters: Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind.

HMRC are taking a look at over 100 BBC presenters to see if they paid too little tax. They appear to have claimed they were working as freelancers although, to the untrained eye, it was pretty obvious they were BBC … Continue reading

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Let’s See How Willing The BBC Are To Provide The Names Of Their Over-Paid Performers

The BBC love to tell the public how much a Doctor earns, how much a nurse, a teacher and even a politician earn. They fall over themselves to tell us how much a Premier League footballer earns but they have … Continue reading

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Now The Argos Shopping Channel Is No More – What Fun!

What fun it is to play ‘Spot the Old Presenter’ appearing in new adverts. We’ve spotted two of them already whose agents must have been on the ball. Anyone out there beat that? How about a sweepstake on who we’ll never see on … Continue reading

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