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That Is NOT The Way To Do It! Not The Way To Do It!

What are we to make of Prime Minister’s Questions? Farce? Pitiful? Childish? Puerile? Infantile? Certainly unprofessional. It probably doesn’t help that there is no recognised body to hold them to account and remove their validation when they transgress. As we … Continue reading

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PMQs: Is It Time To Knock It On The Head?

Is there any point to Prime Minister’s Questions anymore? It used to be a time when the Prime Minister of the day was asked questions about what the hell he or she was actually doing about anything. It was an … Continue reading

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Cameron Performs A Volte-Face On Green Issues

Off-Shore Cameron demonstrated just how devoid of principles he is today. With the polls looking to be turning against him he’ll do anything. With no ideas of his own all he can do is jump on a bandwagon; just as he … Continue reading

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Seven Things Ian Kennedy Forgot To Mention

Reduced Numbers Second Jobs Expenses Holidays Three Conference Weeks Attendance Accountability 1) No mention of any reduction in the 650 seats currently in the Commons. Difficult to see how the overall cost of Government is going to be significantly reduced. 2) … Continue reading

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Tories Reveal Their True Selves With “Stupid Woman” Jibe

With members of the Truly Nasty Party showing clearly they are so stupid we had a clear insight to how they think today. Unable to comprehend that they are as bad as Milibland and co they resort to abuse. LINK … Continue reading

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MPs Debate ‘Arms To Syria’ But Don’t Bother To Turn Up

Stands to reason really. After all it IS Thursday afternoon so they have all skipped off home as usual – probably after PMQs. These Look Interested Just Leave Your Papers Behind For Somebody Else To Clear Up Deputy Speaker Looks … Continue reading

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PMQ’s Update

It is hard to believe but the pathetic display by our politicians this lunchtime was even worse than we have had to suffer of late. If this weekly broadcast exists to ensure our continued contempt for these useless individuals then it is completely … Continue reading

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