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Prince George – Just Like Any Small Boy Starting His First Day At School

The dear little prince turned up at his first day at school in his new school uniform of navy shorts and jumper, long red socks and black shoes. His parents want him to grow-up as any normal child would which … Continue reading

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So What Do You Get A Three Year Old Git, Who Is Never Going To Do A Day’s Work In His Life, And Who Already Has Everything?

So what has he got already? Let’s have a little trawl through the interweb and see what we can piece together. The first is that it is just as well he doesn’t have to worry about The Bedroom Tax as … Continue reading

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Prince – Very Sad News In A Very Sad Week

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What Do You Mean, ‘The Royals Just Take The Mick’?

It’s bad enough when crap actors hand-out crap awards to one another for yet another crap performance. However, when it comes to the royals that doesn’t even come close! The latest piss-take is old Lizzy has gone and knighted Ginger-Harry! … Continue reading

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Royals Parade The Latest Member We Have To Pay For: Happy Birthday Indeed!

Looks more like his dad with every day that passes.

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It’s Bad Enough Americans Have A “Marry The Prince” Reality Show But He Looks Like Willy!

A tacky American Reality TV show is offering ‘hopelessful’ contestants the chance to ‘Marry Their Prince Charming’. It’s being promoted as being with a Harry Windsor look-alike. Unfortunately  the poor Americans still can’t tell the two  ‘brothers’ apart and have actually got a … Continue reading

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Willy Windsor Clearly Didn’t Learn Any Cricket At Eton

Why do the royals do it? We all know they are pretty limited, but what is this overwhelming desire they have to let everybody know? Denis Thatcher came out with one good line that others would do well to follow, … Continue reading

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The New Generation Of The Royal Family

King George leaves the West Wing with his closest family ready to enjoy a life spending other people’s money.  Bet he can hardly wait!

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Prince Harry Is Deployed In Afghanistan

Capt. Harry Wales is actually doing what he is paid for. You have to admit – the boy has got A Lot of Balls. Not doing anything more than our other guys down there but, be honest, he could get … Continue reading

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