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Priti Useless – Jumped Before She Was Pushed

We bet that flight back from Africa was great fun! She was allowed to resign but only because of political etiquette. She wasn’t going to have a job when she left May’s office. Never forget she was one of the … Continue reading

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We Can See Why Pretty Useless Feels At Home In The Nasty Party

Pretty Patel-Useless is a very arrogant, spiteful piece of works. She is one of the Gang of Five who claimed Britons need to work harder. She’s a fairly heartless individual and is clearly looking to assume the Esther McVile crown. … Continue reading

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A Little Going Away Present For Our Wonderful Leader

As Off-Shore disappears off on his long, long ‘holl-lee-daze’ we’ve put together a little scrapbook to remind him of the last couple of weeks; just to keep them fresh in his mind.

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Hodge, Starbucks And The Possible ‘Stemcor Affair’

While Starbucks are going after all the publicity they can get given their change of heart over Tax it seems that not everyone involved is. It would appear that Hodge MP is not very keen on anyone discussing the issues involved … Continue reading

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