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What Can We Do About ‘Representatives’ Who Don’t Represent Us?

The Sutton Trust is a charity involved with education and has highlighted an increasing problem with those who claim to represent us. You see the thing is, they don’t in one extremely important aspect of life. Amongst the general public, … Continue reading

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What Are We To Make Of This Change In Education Dept?

Has Off-Shore Cameron really made a change to his education policy or has he just swapped Gollum Gove in a cynical PR stunt for a female one? Well that’s where our money is. Just look at the ‘Team’ Capt Morgan is … Continue reading

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TV Continues To Spin For The Tories Over State Education

Gollum Gove has clearly been in to see the Head Teacher, Lynton Crosby, and has demanded that the Tory Spin Doctors go Eye-Balls Out over State Education in preparation for the General Election. With the willing assistance of the TV, … Continue reading

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The Miranda Affair Goes Deeper To No.10

Nick Clegg’s spokesman gives the first official confirmation that cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood made the request to destroy NSA files on the instructions of David Cameron. That’s the Nick Clegg (Private school and Cambridge) that some of you may remember, Jeremy ‘I Need … Continue reading

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Why Does Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood Need A Chauffeur-Driven Car?

The Daily Telegraph has discovered that the tax bill associated with the chauffeur-driven car available to Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood (Private School and Oxford) was picked up by the government rather than by him. What that means is that WE pay it. … Continue reading

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