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Is It Possible That This Is Why We Never Build Enough ‘Affordable’ Homes?

We have discussed the meaningless use of ‘affordable’ so we will not repeat that here. We are more concerned about what is holding back the building of much needed homes. This has been brought into focus because the National Housing … Continue reading

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‘Help To Buy’ Rent Sees Annual Rise Of 6.3%

Who remembers when we first ran this photoon? It was some time ago now but we got it right. If fact the cost of renting is now exceeding that of house price rises by some measures. Rent went up by … Continue reading

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What Can We Do About ‘Representatives’ Who Don’t Represent Us?

The Sutton Trust is a charity involved with education and has highlighted an increasing problem with those who claim to represent us. You see the thing is, they don’t in one extremely important aspect of life. Amongst the general public, … Continue reading

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Two-Faced Tories Toast The ‘Help To Buy To Let’ Scheme

Rich Tory Toff Private Landlords exploit the system for all it is worth making hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. Osborne has created a system that his Tory Toff friends have embraced fully. With interests still at their lowest ever, … Continue reading

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The Ashes Debacle – What Could Be Going Wrong?

All too easy to look for simplistic solutions to a difficult problem but it is possible we have identified two areas of concern. Looking at the make-up of the team two things stand out. One of them is very easy … Continue reading

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Private Rents Hit Record High Of £757 A Month – Cameron Delighted

The BBC and their Tory promotion “Homes Under The Hammer” are over the moon with this news as they have been pushing hard for increases for years now. LINK We managed to catch a word with Off-Shore Cameron just before he jetted off … Continue reading

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