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Jeremy Isa Hunt Proves Once Again What A Pointless Puppet He Is

Just check out the nodding donkey as he talks utter cak for nearly five minutes. He can’t answer the questions put to him by Jon Snow and simple waffles on his own little world. He’s a total joke and it … Continue reading

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How The Tory Party Are Looking To ‘Treat’ You On The NHS

If you: can’t be cured then you can forget it. You become a finite revenue source and certainly not worth spending a lot of money on. are a long-term incurable but not with a life threatening condition then you are the Gold … Continue reading

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The Scandle Of The NHS

These are the people everybody needs to look long and hard at. How many can say with a real hand-on-heart, not a political one, that – “It was better at the end than when I started” Don’t Forget! There is … Continue reading

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