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Jacob Ree-Smugg Caught Up In A Protest In Bristol Tonight

Things got a little out of hand at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol. The Smugg was due to give a speech to their Politics and International Relations Society. According to the society’s Facebook page, the … Continue reading

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A Simple Message For Donny Dump

So clear and easy to understand. Even Donny Dump, with a little help, should be able to grasp the reaction to his latest rant and rave on Twitter. In simple language Donny they are telling you, as we would say … Continue reading

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Locals Protest At Wareham Over Changes To The Rail Crossing

Some genius planner has decided to ignore the needs of people who use a rail crossing everyday because they think they know better. Where do we get these people from? There are plans to replace the level crossing at Wareham … Continue reading

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Has ‘Somebody’ Put The Squeeze On The BBC Today?

Twenty minutes into PMQs a protest took place in the lobby of the House of Commons. The BBC had a reporter there and he reported it live. Police were involved and protesters, some in wheelchairs, were seen to hold up … Continue reading

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The BBC Don’t Appear To Have Spotted A Protest March In The Centre Of London

At the time of writing this was still unreported on the BBC website. There has been a protest march at Shoreditch in east London as well as in the south at the Elephant and Castle over the soaring cost of … Continue reading

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Gideon Osborne Tells The UK 99% To “Get Used To It!”

Multimillionaire, Bullingdon Bully Boy, smug git Gideon Osborne gave a stark message to the 30 year olds and under. His message was simple (well it had to be coming from him) and a kick in the teeth to those in … Continue reading

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Egg Miliband Out To Prove He Is Not Sitting On The Wall

Is there anything better when it comes to political protests than the raw egg? It is just perfect! It causes little physical harm but it is supreme visually! They even come in handy packs of six! They are set-up as if for a … Continue reading

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