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Boxing Day And Liz Reveals Her Heroes

What an inspiring message that was! She really makes you feel like she is ‘one of us’. Advertisements

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What An Utter Shambles As May Has To Cancel The Queen’s Speech For Now

Tory ministers doubt that the Queen’s Speech can be delivered as had been previously arranged for the 19th. Following her arrogant call for a General Election she suddenly finds she doesn’t have a majority of 200, oh no, she doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Woman Given The Largest State Hand-Out In The Country Demands Another £369 Million

We will not be spending time on this: it only deserves our utter contempt. A family who sponge off the state to an unimaginable degree now want £369 million from us because none of them have thought about using what … Continue reading

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The Queen’s Speech Uncut

We track down the scene that ended up on the cutting-room floor – Merry Christmas Everyone!! LINK

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Cameron And Queenie Are More Than Happy To Kiss Bums

Just remember, they will bring in lots of money, so nothing else matters. We wonder just who is lining their pockets with all this Chinese dosh. The idea that Dave and Giddy are doing this for the good of the people of … Continue reading

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What Do You Mean, ‘The Royals Just Take The Mick’?

It’s bad enough when crap actors hand-out crap awards to one another for yet another crap performance. However, when it comes to the royals that doesn’t even come close! The latest piss-take is old Lizzy has gone and knighted Ginger-Harry! … Continue reading

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Could Brian May Be Our Local MP?

He could be the Champion of ‘Mid Dorset and North Poole’ if he decides to stand for election. Dr May said, “Don’t stop me now but I have to admit to feeling under pressure. “I want to break free from … Continue reading

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