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Dodgy-Dave Realizes His Sad Attempt To Filibuster PMQs Has Not Worked

Dodgy-Dave thought he’d come up with a super wizard wheeze. He reckoned that given PMQs is scheduled to last 30 minutes all he’d have to do is fill the time up. He thought that if he did this then he … Continue reading

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David Cameron In ‘Evading The Question Shocker!!’

Well known for never, ever answering a question at the curiously named ‘Prime Minister’s Questions’, Off-Shore Cameron has now extended his scope. He has now taken to evading the question put to him by a 10 year old. Unfortunately for … Continue reading

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Cameron Rejects ‘Planting Questions’ Accusations Concerning PMQs

As he slinks away for a four and a half week holiday, Off-Shore Cameron is rejecting claims that PMQs is now a scripted pantomime. He has been accused of texting suitable questions to his backbenchers in the morning so as … Continue reading

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