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Trevor Baylis: Inventor Dies Aged 80

Sad news today that Trevor Baylis, has died aged 80, the manager of his company has confirmed. Trevor Baylis was famous for inventing the Baygen clockwork radio in 1991. Trevor Baylis was appointed CBE in 2015 after campaigning to make … Continue reading

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How Much Are Those At The BBC Paid With Tax Payer’s Money?

Sure, they love to claim that it isn’t a TV Tax, it’s a Licence. That’s all tosh, that’s like calling the 12 weeks Holiday the MPs have a Recess. Utter bollox! This is a very unscientific list of the pay … Continue reading

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Eddie Mair Pins Boorish Johnson’s Arse To The Wall Yet Again!

This one is hilarious! Boorish is reduced, on several occasions, to the bumbling buffoon we know that he is. You can tell right from the start that he is struggling as you can hear him flicking through his papers, read … Continue reading

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It’s True – Jeremy Hardy Reads TheField

Great edition of Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation tonight with a clear reference to an article from TheField from December 2012! We are delighted to have been included in JHSttN and are more than happy to provide our readers … Continue reading

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TV And Radio – Highs And Lows #37 12/7/14

Let’s start with some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Richard Bacon and Victoria Derbyshire have been sacked. The bad news is that Adrian Chiles has returned! Daytime TV has a ‘Life Coach’ available sporting … Continue reading

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Cameron Gets A ‘Snot’ On When Forced To Face The Truth

Cameron got a right ‘snot’ on today and nearly threw his dolly out when a radio interviewer told him the truth. Our ‘leader’ was forced to stamp his foot: “One of the reasons people feel they are being treated unfairly is … Continue reading

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This Is How Cameron Sees Our Schools – Amazing Insight To His Thinking

Off-Shore Cameron told BBC Radio Derby that he believes there are checks in place when it comes to the setting up of Free Schools. He was very kind to list the reasons why they might be turned down: They don’t have a … Continue reading

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David Jacobs – Part Of Our Childhood

A man who was our music from the start when it all began way back. Thank you David.

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The ‘Balanced And Fair’ Debate On TV Or Radio

Don’t you just love them? We have a Topic of the Day and we are all allowed to talk about it. In the studio we have a couple of ‘experts’ who, usually, nobody has ever heard of. To keep it … Continue reading

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