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Our ‘Hardworking’ Politicians Get Ready For A Three And A Half Week Holiday – Bless

Yes, hard to believe but these lazy gits are off on holiday again. Quite why they can’t have their conferences at the same time is a dark mystery. So much nicer to have a few more weeks off. Good grief, … Continue reading

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….And People Call Our MPs ‘Lazy Arses’?

Obviously our hard working MPs deserve a break. They were due another one come 22nd May but Off-Shore Cameron decided they couldn’t wait that long.  They are all off for a jolly come this Thursday! This is less than two-weeks … Continue reading

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Who Said, “MPs? A Bunch Of Good For Nothing, Lazy Gits!”

Yes, our non-working politicians are all sodding off for yet ANOTHER 2 week holiday!!! These are the idle gits who tell everyone else they should work longer each day as well as taking fewer and shorter holidays. Remind us again – how do you spell … Continue reading

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Lazy Arse UK MPs’ Go On Holiday Yet AGAIN!

Because they have all done such a magnificent job since going back on the 14th of January these lazy gits reckon they deserve a holiday. They have no business today so have not even managed to do 4 weeks since … Continue reading

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