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Startling Admission From Amber Rude: ‘I Just Couldn’t Be Arsed’ Part Two

Yesterday Rude launched a wonderful new strategy to tackle the rise in violent crime. To start with let’s just remember that a strategy is much the same as an inquiry. You set one up in order to actually do bugger … Continue reading

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Just How Incompetent Are The Members Of May’s Cabinet?

We all know by now how useless the Brexit team are. David Davis is as thick as mince. Creepy Fox should never be trusted handing out free newspapers. Boorish Johnson is a walking disaster area and a liar. Now we … Continue reading

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Even Now, Bliar Continues To Peddle His Fantasy That He Was Right And Nobody Else Understands

Here at TheField Towers we never trusted Bliar from day one. When the Labour Party lost the great hope John Smith none of us here could support them anymore. Bliar was obviously a Tory in Labour Clothing. His obsession with … Continue reading

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OfstMPs Warns Politicians Progress Has Now ‘Stalled’

OfstMPs is warning that too many Members of Parliament in England are not making sufficient progress, with almost a third judged to be ‘not good enough’. Chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw, delivering the Politicians watchdog’s annual report, says that Members … Continue reading

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On A Quiet Newsday The BBC Report On The Mayor Of That-There London

You can tell it has been a Bank Holiday in England. Clearly, nobody in the BBC could be arsed to do anything but they still had hours of TV and radio to fill. What to do? What to do? So there … Continue reading

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