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If You Were The Boss – Would YOU Employ ANY Of These?

What a hideous bunch of talent-less nobodies.

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Penny Mordaunt: So Very Prefessional

We can’t wait to hear one of her hilarious Commons speeches again. Here are two of them as a reminder plus her excuse.  

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So Amongst All The Chaos Where Were The Little Nuggets Of Bliss?

Obviously the real joy came from seeing the Big Boys all get sacked. Kicking Giddy Osborne out must have given Tess the greatest enjoyment. The idea of that smug git having to sit on the backbenches is just wonderful – … Continue reading

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Jeremy Isa Hunt: The New NHS Boss

Unlike most UK press we will tell you from the start we have not been able to back this up. This may or may not be true. We’ll leave you with the link. The Link

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Theresa May Delighted With The Result Of The Reshuffle

(Is this not just a shuffle as it’s the first? ff) Theresa told us she was “Delighted to be carrying on” in her role.

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Even Worse Than The Bullingdon Club

So Off-Shore sticks with his best Chum Gideon while Clogger gets Lawless back by his side. Nice. Better contact HM Stationary Office – looks like we are going to need a hell of a lot more expense forms at the … Continue reading

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Replacing The Faceless With The Nameless

Even Adam ‘AA – AA – AA’ Boulton didn’t know who the hell he was! What a bunch of utter wasters. Still, the good news so far is that Warsi and Lansley have both been SACKED. Don’t believe any old … Continue reading

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