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Fake Trump Lashes Out At Fake News

Having ‘won’ an election on the strength of fake news Donny Dump is now concerned about fake news. The guy is priceless! With the allegation of Russia ‘fixing’ the election for Donny to win he’s now concerned that they might … Continue reading

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Is Nigel Lining Up A Chat Show – The Saturday Night Fromage Board?

Seems the Russian TV station, RT, are looking to sign-up Nigel as their latest chat show host. Given his new friendship with Donny Dump they are looking to have him up and running in time for the White House election. … Continue reading

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Could Rupert Really Be Working To Push Through The Snoopers’ Charter?

So where did that Sunday Times claim come from? Who was it from Russia who spoke to a Sunday Times journalist? Who then from China spoke to the same Times team? How did they manage to gain access to documents copied … Continue reading

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So Now The World Has Had It’s Fun In Sochi – That Olympic Torch Burns

Remember all that claptrap about why athletes should not boycott the Winter Games in Sochi? Remember the smoke screen that it was about gays being oppressed and abused? Remember that by still going it would ‘send a message’? Remember the world … Continue reading

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Greenpeace Arctic 30: Russia Grants Bail To A Further 5

This is progress but there is a very long way to go. This is only bail and in the region of £37,000 each. They are not home yet and they are not free. Captain Peter Wilcox and Britons Alex Harris … Continue reading

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The Arctic 30 To Be Held For A Further 3 Months

A court in Russia’s second city of Saint Petersburg on Monday extended the pre-trial detention of one of the 30 Greenpeace activists arrested for an Arctic protest for three months until February 24. The Sochi Winter Olympics Games will be held … Continue reading

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Russian Artist Nails His Ball-Bag To The Cobble Stones

Hard to believe but Poytr Pavensky has driven what looks like a 10 inch nail through his Ball-Bag and into a Crack between the Cobble Stones. This is fuzzy picture version of his latest work – oh yes – he is naked. If … Continue reading

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