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Amber Rude Resignation!

Apparently, as we go to press, Amber Rude has still not resigned from her position and Tess May hasn’t sacked her either. Seems May is crapping herself as she has been using Amber as a human shield because she knows … Continue reading

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Russian Artist Nails His Ball-Bag To The Cobble Stones

Hard to believe but Poytr Pavensky has driven what looks like a 10 inch nail through his Ball-Bag and into a Crack between the Cobble Stones. This is fuzzy picture version of his latest work – oh yes – he is naked. If … Continue reading

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Cameron To Make It Easier To Sack Failing MPs’

Off-Shore Cameron is remembering his mantra of “we are all in this together” and is going to make it easier for voters to sack their failing member of parliament. It will now require only 200 constituents to sign-up in order … Continue reading

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