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Let’s See How Willing The BBC Are To Provide The Names Of Their Over-Paid Performers

The BBC love to tell the public how much a Doctor earns, how much a nurse, a teacher and even a politician earn. They fall over themselves to tell us how much a Premier League footballer earns but they have … Continue reading

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“Why Aren’t UK Pay Rises Delivering Votes To Cameron?” Asks Robert Peston

Well that’s easy Robert – people are NOT getting a pay-rise. It might look like it on a set of statistics but not when you look at how those statistics were calculated. LINK “Figures Never Lie.” True but you do … Continue reading

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Royal Mail Chief Executive Received £1.47m Last Financial Year

Yes you have read that correctly, the Royal Mail chief executive, Moya Greene, received pay and benefits worth £1.47m last financial year. That’s £1,470,000 to be Queen Postie. The poor love has to get by on a basic salary of only £498,000 which, … Continue reading

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HUGE Pay Rise For MPs On The Horizon

Well the good thing is that the pay review was carried out by SIR Ian Kennedy QC who nobody could accuse of being an Establishment Figure and someone who might vote for a pay rise for his mates. LINK This has all the ingredients … Continue reading

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IPSA Issue Warning Over The Rise In MPs Pay

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority leader has issued a warning concerning MPs’ pay. They have told the three party leaders not to poke their noses in and to leave it to them. Their findings will be published on Thursday but we have had a … Continue reading

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Millionaire MPs To ‘Hand Back’ Their Excessive Salaries

Off-Shore Cameron is the first PM who has agreed to ‘hand back’ his current salary because he does not need such financial support. He told us at The FordingtonField, “Basically I’m rolling in it and my PMs salary is really … Continue reading

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MPs Set-Up Their Own ‘Hardship Fund’ That WE Pay For

On first read this looks like a FordingtonField spoof but this is TRUE! WE couldn’t make-up stuff like this! Here is the LINK you need to read. They have put away around £6 million for those MPs who fall on hard-times having already … Continue reading

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“Our Economics Teacher’s Away; Can You Cover Her Lesson On ‘Tax- Avoidance’?”

Seems we have 24,000 supply teachers going into our schools who are ‘Temps’ for ISS Ltd. The chances are you have not heard of ISS Ltd before and there is a good reason for that. They are based in the … Continue reading

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