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Sam-Cam Leaves Us A Little Confused Here At TheField

Not so long ago Sam-Cam needed the help of a ‘special adviser’ in order to put her knickers on of a morning. The one and only Isabel Spearman, no, we’ve no idea who she is either, was being paid a … Continue reading

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So Who Is Paying £53K A Year For A Fashion Advisor?

We are. By ‘we’ that’ll be those of us plebs who actually pay taxes to run this country. It’s not the first of April but we really are paying someone £53,000 a year to act as a ‘fashion advisor’. Now … Continue reading

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“Enough Is Enough” As Sam-Cam Puts Her Foot Down Once And For All

Having seen him wear the same blue, short-sleeved shirt for the last 6 years Sam Cam has finally had enough. While on their 7th holiday of the year {it might be their 8th} Sam decided that it had to stop so … Continue reading

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Cam And Sam Enjoy A Quiet Moment On Their THIRD Holiday

“…And If You Look Just To The Left Sam, You Can See Where They Manage Our Off-Shore Fund” (allegedly)

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