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Samsung Bring ‘Time Travel’ That Bit Closer……Maybe

We might all be Dr Who one day; at least Samsung might eventually make it possible. They have released their next generation of Gear Watches imaginatively called the ‘Gear 2’. There is also a lightweight version (how heavy can a … Continue reading

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Apple Told To Stop Sodding About

Link Judges express disbelief at the technology giant’s claim that it would take two weeks to post a statement on its website. Seems that tablet isn’t anywhere near as fast as they claim it is. If they had used a … Continue reading

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Have Some Of THAT Apple

Don’t try telling US what to do! Full story. Here’s some other crappy make of tablet.

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How We Wish We Had An Apple iPhone 5

It really does work SO, SO well!!! The Samsung Galaxy is available, is miles better and works with Flash. Here, check out just how good an Apple iPhone 5 really is.

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