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Arming Teachers: The Thoughts Over On Facebook

I’m pretty sure there are a few teachers who follow me on FB. I was wondering – I held a shotgun licence for some 25 years until I gave it up last October. I was a half decent shot and … Continue reading

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Bradford School Bans Lunchboxes Containing Pork Pies, Sausage Rolls & Pepperoni Sticks

Parents of pupils at the Shirley Manor Primary Academy in Bradford will be called if banned foods are found in their children’s packed lunches. It has banned these along with other “unhealthy” foods. Their school policy states that pupils are … Continue reading

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Justine Greening: So Just What Is An “Ordinary Working Family” In Her Eyes?

The desire of this tory politician to show just how witless she is never ceases to amaze us all here at TheField Towers. Just when we imagine she is done she then comes out with another clanger. May-Day has obviously … Continue reading

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Royal George’s First Day At Nursery.

The little lad is really growing up before our eyes. So like his Dad!

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Dorchester School Bus Goes Up In Flames!

Pupils from the Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester fled the scene as a fire destroyed a school bus. The blaze outside the Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester began just before lessons started at about 08:40 GMT. Students had to be evacuated from one of … Continue reading

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The Killers Of Poor Daniel Pelka Are Jailed For Life

Many would say Magdelena Luczak and Mariusz Krezolek got off lightly. Such a level of cruelty is very, very difficult to comprehend. How can it be that nobody saw anything, nobody said anything and nobody thought to check on anything concerning the poor boy? … Continue reading

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Schools Told To ‘Ban Packed Lunches’

We all get up as a family and sit down to eat a nutritional breakfast together. Father gets his briefcase and walks to the office while Mother walks the children to the local school with their dinner-money in their pocket which … Continue reading

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