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The Commons Work & Pensions Committee: Why They Are Not Worth 11%

We saw a ‘hardworking’ committee at work today, the Commons Work and Pensions Committee and what a pitiful display. A pointless bunch of MPs, clearly there for any favours they can grab, had the opportunity to hang both Iain and … Continue reading

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Iain And Duncan Smith: The Most Wasteful Waste Of Space In The Cabinet?

Benefits reform has wasted at least £140 million IT development has written off £425 million Purchase orders approved to the value of £8.7 million Two purchase orders of £22.6 m and £1.1 m when the budget was £10 million So why hasn’t … Continue reading

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Cameron: Some Of The Terms He Wants To Ban On The Web

Off-Shore Cameron has drawn up a list of terms, some too vile to print here, that he wants to return no results when put into a search engine. You are warned that even the ones we can print in full … Continue reading

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UK Pensioner Claims A Further £900K ‘Just To Get By’

The 87-year-old, who has never been means tested for any of her state hand-outs, claimed an eye-watering £33.3m following an increase of £900,000. That’s a 2.8% increase in her benefits. Staggering to think this enormous sum of money does not … Continue reading

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Was Today A Turning Point For The Labour Party?

Some bloke from Labour, Liam Byrne MP we think his name is, came on the radio talking and sounding more like the vile pair Iain and Duncan Smith representing the Nasty Party than those two ever have! We also heard … Continue reading

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Tory MP Claims £39 Of Taxpayers Money For A Breakfast

For those who are STILL unsure just how vile Iain & Duncan Smith are then here is another example of how utterly out of touch they are. Having claimed the ability to live on £53 A WEEK it has emerged … Continue reading

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Iain & Duncan Smith To Be Questioned Over Misuse Of Statistics

The vile pair is to be approached by the Work and Pensions select committee who have announced that it intends to question them. This, it appears, is because of their false claim that 8,000 people had moved into work as a … Continue reading

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