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Bedroom Tax Tragedy Must Act As A Wake-Up Call

The vile pair of Iain and Duncan Smith might wonder how they are going to sleep tonight given the suicide note left by Stephanie Bottrill after she threw herself in front of a motorway lorry. LINK Our condolences to her family. It … Continue reading

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Millionaire MPs To ‘Hand Back’ Their Excessive Salaries

Off-Shore Cameron is the first PM who has agreed to ‘hand back’ his current salary because he does not need such financial support. He told us at The FordingtonField, “Basically I’m rolling in it and my PMs salary is really … Continue reading

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Bedroom Tax Story Today That May Not Make It On To The News

While the media has been busying itself with a prolonged party-political broadcast the world has run as normal. The impact of the Welfare Changes has not been forgotten and the appalling A-Tosser are still telling disabled individuals to ‘Get To … Continue reading

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A Helpful Chart For Iain And Duncan Smith: ‘Why People Rent’

We’ve typed this very slowly in the hope that both of you, Iain and Duncan, can grasp what has been happening. It shows how the price of a house has rocketed in recent years. It also provides a handy set … Continue reading

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Compassion At The Heart Of Iain And Duncan Smith?

The simplicity and naivety of the Bedroom Tax is really quite staggering. The sheer lack of intellectual rigour applied to this poorly thought out scheme really does leave us breathless. This plan makes Off-Shore Cameron, with his back-of-a-fag-packet planning, look … Continue reading

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Iain And Duncan Smith Avoid The Uncomfortable Truth

The Office for National Statistics said the number of people unemployed fell by 14,000 to 2.5 million between October and December 2012. The twins think that this can only be a good thing but then we do know he is a … Continue reading

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Is Iain Duncan Smith A Two-Faced, Hypocritical, Tory Git?

Seems that while he is currently trying to deny benefits to anyone he can think of who is disadvantaged there have been times in HIS life when he has been more than happy to accept a state hand-out. Just about … Continue reading

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