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Cameron Welcomes Fracking All Across Witney

Off-Shore Cameron has put his full weight behind exploratory drilling by Cuadrilla all around Witney. There are vast reserves of gas and oil in and around the Witney area and once the drilling confirms their position the fracking will begin. … Continue reading

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Balcombe: Frack-Off Cuadrilla

Anti-Fracking protesters have halted a controversial shale gas operation in Sussex, chaining arms to prevent the arrival of essential drill parts. Cuadrilla, which is headed by the former BP chief Lord Browne (yes, THAT Lord Browne. ff), has been bringing drill parts … Continue reading

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Osborne: “What’s The Fracking Fuss All About?”

Gideon Osborne offers the most generous tax breaks in the world for big business to get fracking. LINK Cameron claimed his government would be ‘the greenest ever’ but we know full-well what weasel words Off-Shore comes out with and here it is demonstrated yet … Continue reading

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