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While Pig-Lover Cameron Has Friends Like Peter Bonehead And Tim Worstall He’ll Just Carry On

The Pig-Lover is keen to emphasise ‘moving on’ while on his trip to Jamaica but, given his heritage, that’s hardly surprising. What is even more startling are the supporters who have appeared from out of the slurry to defend his … Continue reading

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David Cameron And That Slavery Family Background Just Keeps Popping Up

Dodgy-Dave thought he was going off for a little Jolly-Boys Outing by heading out on his first official visit to Jamaica. What he hadn’t reckoned on was that the history of Slave Trading would come to the fore and with … Continue reading

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So The Money Came From Slavery – ‘Nice’

All of this will become available on Wednesday but for now The Independent has a taster. Check-out how many times the name Cameron appears. This is about money given to the slave owners to compensate them for the loss of … Continue reading

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