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What Does Anybody Need A Smart Meter For?

When British Gas put your electricity charge up by 12.5% does anybody need a Smart Meter to tell them to turn the appliance off? We are paying for this useless piece of technology and those who are making them are … Continue reading

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The Smart Meter – Yet Another Witless IT Idea From The Government

How long is it before your mobile, tablet or laptop becomes out of date? A while ago the government came up with an idea that we all needed a Smart Meter. They should help householders to monitor their energy-use far … Continue reading

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Energy Companies – Yet Another Way That Take The Mick

If you are old enough then you will be able to remember when the gas and electric meters were in a cupboard or box under the stairs. They were safe there and the Meter-Reader man, they were all men, would … Continue reading

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