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CassetteBoy Reminds Us Just What Tess Might Have In Store For Us

The man/woman/team have done it again – enjoy

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Could Rupert Really Be Working To Push Through The Snoopers’ Charter?

So where did that Sunday Times claim come from? Who was it from Russia who spoke to a Sunday Times journalist? Who then from China spoke to the same Times team? How did they manage to gain access to documents copied … Continue reading

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Snooping In Times Of Austerity Has Its Problems

A lack of specialist equipment means that surveillance of the plebs is not always as covert as Cameron would like.

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President Obama and President Xi Have A Chat

“So Mr President, do you have any tips for me concerning the overall surveillance of the population and then imprisonment without trial?” “Simple Mr President. Employ Google and Facebook to do your dirty work and then pick out a small island with … Continue reading

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GCHQ Internet Snoopers – Why Release Late On A Friday?

We can’t help thinking there is huge case of manipulation of the media going on here. The UK media are well known for having the attention span of a goldfish. What were we on about? (it didn’t work in the … Continue reading

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