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The Tory Party Spend The Weekend Out Duck Shooting

It’s a pretty unedifying sight really. Cameron and Pickles thinking that it’s fun to take pot shots at a sitting duck. Crosby has clearly had his COBBER FORCE meeting and the troops have been told that Chris Smith is to … Continue reading

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Flooding: Cameron Vows Rivers Will Be Dredged

Well, that’s a slap in the face for both Pointless Paterson and Useless Eustace! Having been caught sitting on their arses for the last four years they now have to suck-up to Off-Shore. Realising that votes are at risk, he has decided … Continue reading

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The Coalition Approach To Flooding In The South West

You can’t help but feel we are stuffed when you look and see that Pointless Paterson and Useless Eustice are the ‘Men-In-Charge’ of our environment. Not quite as evil as some of the pairs we can think of, IDS and … Continue reading

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