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Smartarse Johnson Given A Right Good Kicking Over His Sexist Language And Behaviour

Boorish Johnson is an arsehole. He thinks he should be PM but the truth is he is an idiot. He may have been clever once, just the once mind you, but there have been many beers and wines consumed since … Continue reading

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John Bercow Speaks For Millions When He Objects To Donny Dump Addressing Parliament

In just three minutes The Speaker sums up what many in the country feel about Tess Mayday offering her withered hand in friendship to such an unpleasant individual such as Donny Dump. Fine if she wants to invite him round … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Speakers – Australia & UK

Ever heard of Bronwyn Bishop? She was working as the Speaker in the Australian Parliament. You could think of her as the Australian equivalent to our John Bercow. Now poor Bronwyn went and got herself caught up in an expenses scandal. … Continue reading

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