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How Come Doing 154mph Doesn’t Get Him Banned For Life?

A 21 year-old driver was caught speeding at 154mph and got banned ……. for 56 days. It could only happen in somewhere like Suffolk. The 21 year-old drove down the A11, yes, not even a motorway, the simple A11 at a … Continue reading

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Richard Graham MP – We Just Love These Stories!

Good old ‘Dicky’ Graham is a Tory MP who went to Eton and Oxford. Gosh. He is the Member of Parliament for Gloucester – lucky them! He has a particular love-affair with Gloucester and called a parliamentary debate regarding apprenticeships … Continue reading

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Calls For Jeremy Clarkson To Be Banned From Driving

Once again we are obliged to bring you even more distressing news concerning the conduct of Cameron-Chum Clarkson. He was caught driving significantly above the speed limit on the road between Whitby and London. LINK 1 In the past the … Continue reading

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A Little Gift Set For Chris Huhne And Vicky Pryce

Just a few things we thought might help you out over the first 6 months.

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Vicky Pryce: We Offer The Jury A Helping Hand

Given the problems the last jury had we thought we ought to point out the main gist of the trial. We did offer this to the last bunch but, clearly they didn’t bother reading our helpful guide to conviction or … Continue reading

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Vicky Pryce – And STILL We Wait!

The judge is now prepared to accept a majority verdict. It cannot be too long now.

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“All Change At Eastleigh – Change Here For All ‘Points’ West”

Having had what looks a lot like a year off, on full pay, Chris Huhne has finally pleaded GUILTY to ‘perverting the course of justice’. He is stepping down from Parliament after changing his plea where he faced trial over claims his ex-wife … Continue reading

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