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Osborne IS The Bovine Burger Boy

Gideon Osborne demonstrates that the plebs have nothing to worry about as he returns to his old school to tuck-in to a TB Bovine Burger. Gideon-Jeffrey told us at The Field, “It was delicious,” cough, “and I would recommend one to … Continue reading

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Fair Play To Eric Pickles As He Takes The #iss Out Of Gideon

Eric Pickles is a great source of humour for us here but we have to say, “Nice One Eric, Nice One Son!” The guy shows a good sense of humour as well as he has left that top right of the table just … Continue reading

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Nasty Party Gideon Osborne Really Does Have Some Cheek

“Those first few days should be spent looking for work, not looking to sign on.” He really has a bloody nerve, the cheeky git, when we all remember that this is from a bloke who has never managed to get a job … Continue reading

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