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The Aviva Premiership Starts Next Friday

Not long to wait now before we get some decent sport. Blokes who don’t fall over at the merest breeze and who hold body parts as if they require amputation. If they left those footballers on the ground and let … Continue reading

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Men Have To Go To The Pub – Scientific Fact

We have known for years but now it is official – meeting for a pint is essential for men to sustain their friendships. This has been confirmed by Professor Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary biologist from none other than the University … Continue reading

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The BBC Get Really, Really, Really Lucky With SPOTY 2013

They must have been breathing a sigh of relief in the BBC Sports Department last night as the winner of the SPOTY 2013 was announced. They had the video clips ready to run depending on who won but it seems … Continue reading

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The Wisdom Of The ‘Three Day Cricket Experts’

The problem when a sport becomes the ‘News’ item of the day is that people who know nothing about it start to watch. They have never played the game and have no knowledge of what goes on but after watching … Continue reading

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Tennis? Just How Much Effort Is It Really????

We can’t help but notice something about hitting a ball in sport. Golfers don’t half whack a ball! They can hit it over 300 yards – that’s a hell of a whack! Rugby kickers can score a penalty from inside their own … Continue reading

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