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The Hunt ‘Got A Bulk Discount’ On Luxury Flats Bought From A Tory Donor Claim

The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner is probing the Health Secretary’s failure to declare his purchase of 7 luxury the flats The Hunt allegedly got a “bulk discount” on 7 luxury flats he purchased from none other than a Tory donor! The … Continue reading

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What’s The Betting We Are Told The Pay-Rise Is “In Line With The Welsh Assembly”?

The Welsh Assembly members have sorted themselves out a nice little £10,000 pay rise after the next assembly election. The pay rise is a staggering 18.5% and means that a mere backbencher will be on £64,000 from May 2016. It … Continue reading

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Terry – He Doesn’t Really Understand It

A bit beyond him but Professional Bodies do often have standards that are higher than those considered purely legal. A Doctor may not have broken the law but they may well be struck off. Same for Lawyers, Solicitors, for that matter, Teachers … Continue reading

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