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People Respond To The Constant Lies Pumped Out By The Scum, Wail And Ex-Press

They have bought them all up and either dumped them or set fire to them. At least for one day their vile bile will not be read by so many gullible people. LINK

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City University Bans Fake Newspapers

City University in London has a well-respected journalism department and has decided that the time has come. They have had enough of all the Fake News going about so have decided to ban the Daily Mail, The Sun and The … Continue reading

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Chief Reporter Admits He Is ‘The Creator Of Fake News’ Shocker!

We here at TheField are staggered to discover that there are some people using the Interweb to spread fake news. At first we automatically assumed that The Wail, The Scum and The Ex-Press had finally been uncovered but it seems … Continue reading

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Prof. Douglas Carswell Explains To The World How It Is The Sun That Produces Our Tides

Prof. Carswell UKip (Hons) took time out of his busy schedule to explain a few scientific facts to the wider scientific committee. He put forward the hypothesis that it is the gravitational pull of the sun that caused the tides … Continue reading

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Fair Play To Eric Pickles As He Takes The #iss Out Of Gideon

Eric Pickles is a great source of humour for us here but we have to say, “Nice One Eric, Nice One Son!” The guy shows a good sense of humour as well as he has left that top right of the table just … Continue reading

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Just How Vile Is Kelvin MacKenzie?

We thought this was the trailer for an episode of ‘The Thick Of It’. Just how low can this individual go? Swimming with sewer rats and even they are repulsed by him. You really shouldn’t buy ANYTHING that in any way … Continue reading

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